Leadership Energy Assessment


CEC offers a unique, cutting edge Leadership Energy Assessment.

We will be able to scan your respective energy levels and capacity in each of the energy centers identified by means of renown ancient eastern traditions. As each energy center has a physical and a psychological function, we are able to draw a leadership profile out of the findings based on relative (im)balances between the different energy centers.

With your prior consent we will be able to scan your “energy-fields” from a distance. The findings will be shown in a compact report that will be discussed over a 1,5 hr feedback session with Pranic Healing expert Vivek Joshi and executive coach Hidde van der Pol.



Leadership Energy Assessment


Human energy: we have all experienced its impact, but can it be created to our advantage?

Have you ever noticed the fluctuation of energy levels within yourself as a leader throughout the day , the week or even throughout the year. It is as the seasons in nature. Becoming conscious of your inner state helps you to consciously address the energetic imbalances. This not only has a positive effect on you as an individual human being, yet also on your surroundings and other human beings.

Have you ever experienced your energy being sucked away during a meeting? Have you ever sensed the excitement in a packed soccer stadium just before the game starts? Likewise the ‘good vibes’ at a social gathering with close friends, or the powerful feeling of being part of a euphoric crowd at the encore of a concert?

These observations of the force of human energy are universal, but despite this natural sensing of its power, the impacts are rarely explored or indeed exploited within aspects of effective leadership or the entire workplace for that matter. We are all capable of sensing it yet we are nowhere close to consciously exploit its positive potential within ourselves and in the workplace.

Consciously manage and address your energy imbalances as a leader.

One’s individual energy level impacts upon the whole organisation!

Energy levels impact all aspects of our lives, both personal and professional. Low energy levels cause physical symptoms, affecting the health of your organs and immune system. As well as these physical symptoms, low energy also affects your psychological state and can negatively impact your facility to perform within your role.

Compare this to how a low sugar level affects your mood: not only do your energy levels drop, but also the way your energy is distributed within your body causes imbalance and makes you more irritable with those around you.

Low energy levels impact upon clarity of thought, cause difficulty in clear communication and impact on decision-making skills. The imbalance from lack of energy affects your behaviour, your state of mind, your relationships and your ability to function within your role.

For an organisation to function at optimal performance, the ideal would be for each individual to be in a balanced and sufficiently energised state. The positive energy flows and builds: just imagine what could be achieved! (It’s like having all the apps working on your phone properly and having a fully charged battery!)


Finding imbalance: knowing where to look

In our Leadership Energy Assessment, we pay attention to the following areas so that apparent imbalances can be consciously addressed to enhance effective leadership of oneself and others around you:

  • Aligning individuals along the road between strategizing, planning and action
  • Balancing emotion and thought to complement one another
  • Taking care of others must balance taking care of one’s own needs
  • Creating accord between inspiration and practicality
  • Overall identification of harmful energetic leaks (risk indicators for burnout symptoms)


Consciously manage and address the energy levels of the larger whole!

Finding the balance

Many of us are on a mission to find a work/life balance, but how about focusing on the energy balance within our relationships and within ourselves for that matter? At home, or indeed amongst teams and groups working together?

In our experience, only a handful of enlightened organisations are looking beyond the practical skills mix needed to complete a task in order to work on the energy mix that is impacting a team’s performance. There is so much potential that could be used to positively affect the workplace; is it time to start make the most of power within your organisation by creating a balance of that powerful energy?

At CEC (Conscious Energy Consulting), we stand out from the crowd because of our specific training and finely tuned skills which help individuals and organisations identify, understand and address any imbalances that may be impacting on organisational and personal performance.

One of our consultants – Vivek Joshi – is a thought leader in the field of ‘energetic (pranic) transformation’. As an experienced management consultant with background in IT and finance, he has seen the significant benefits achieved when organisations embrace this “extra perspective” and balance the energy within ourselves as leaders as well as in the workplace to achieve higher performance.



A vicious cycle

We are all balanced in different ways. The distribution of these balances paints a picture of who we are and what our strengths, weaknesses, values and interests are. Small imbalances pose no problem and give us our unique personalities and values.

However, if the imbalances are too substantial, this may cause physical and emotional problems for the individual, therefore causing friction and loss of productivity in teams and ultimately affecting the results of an organisation. For instance, take the imbalance of giving more than receiving: if uncorrected in an individual this can eventually lead to burn-out and stress-related health issues.

Imagine a team where the leader subconsciously imposes this imbalanced giving: receiving ratio. The subsequent health issues would cause a high turnover in staff, lead to loss of productivity, increased burn-out rates and high recruitment costs, leading to a negative impact on the profitability and viability of the organisation. New team members may already display the imbalance or would develop it within the organisation’s culture, ultimately fuelling the cycle.

Imbalance within leaders of an organisation also has an amplifying effect because people tend to see them as an example or as a guide to the expected organisational culture.  If leaders are struggling in their role, perhaps lacking confidence in achieving targets or corporate aims, then this energy and the behaviour that results from it will filter through to all levels of the organisation. Without tackling this imbalance, any efforts at changing the organisation cannot really penetrate the core of the culture.


How do we measure?

The science: how energy levels and imbalances are measured

As part of the diagnosis phase, the team at CEC may suggest that energy balancing could become part of an organisation’s transformation. If required or requested, CEC experts would perform an energy scan on individuals within key roles.

The team uses techniques from a methodology called Pranic Healing for individual energy readings. When you combine the data of these readings from each individual, you can get an overall picture of the energy balance, the team dynamics and the organisational culture.

After an introduction and consent is given, a trained professional connects – without using touch – to the individual’s energy field, reading energy and activation levels by scanning different areas within the body. The results are then entered into an algorithm which generates data for the analysis report. A confidential profile report will be produced for each individual, identifying the energy levels they display and the impacts these could have, both positive and negative. This is the report you’re currently reading.




The Pranic Healing® system is not meant to replace orthodox medicine but to complement it. If symptoms persist or the ailment is severe, please immediately consult a medical doctor and a Certified Pranic Healer.

Pranic Healing® practitioners do not physically touch the recipient’s body, diagnose diseases, prescribe any drugs/substances or medical treatments.

Pranic Healing® practitioners do not make any health claims or guarantee any outcome.

This report is based on a manual scan by a pranic healer. The results were then formatted on a computer. Although we work with highly qualified professionals there is always the chance of human error.

The interpretation of the healer is based on the assumption that the person requesting the scan would be in relative good health. If this is not the case adjustments would have to be made based on your circumstances.

This report is provided to you as is without any expressed or implied warranty.


For more information on Team or Organisation Energy Assessments and workshops, please reach out to us!



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